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Pictures from yesterday to catch you up

Four Corners --- Hurry take a picture and get out! 90_FourCorners.jpg

Flat Tire --- Flat_Tire.jpg

Flat Tire Sunset ---Sunset_fix..he_flat.jpg

Okay..all caught up... good night all --- join us tomorrow when we make 260 miles last 14 hours.

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Mesa Verde

Trip to the Mesa Verde National Park from Charlie and Hayden's perspective

Okay, today Tricia and Rich took all the kids to Mesa Verde National Park.. we thought we would let you hear about the park from their perspective.....

The Park Ranger was Ellen and talked about what we could bring and not bring into the dwellings... only water, non flavored water. She put Megan in charge of the group and Charlie, the side kick, was the answer man, he knew all the answers to the questions and answered before anyone else could. We climbed a 16foot ladder and a 32 foot ladder with 29 rungs and crawled through a 13 foot tunnel as big as a small square..."Aunt Tricia's rear end filled the hole"... Ellen talked about what the Pueblo Indians ate, how they lived and where they got their water from. The water was produced from limestone... when it rained the water would seep through the limestone to a "seeping pool" or reservoir. The Kiva is where they had worship and activities. We were at least 500 feet off the ground with no railings and only Megan guarding the edge. At the end of the day we had our picture with Ellen and were sworn in as Junior Park Rangers.

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Headed to our next stop, Cortez, Colorado

Through Sunset Crater, Wupatki National Park and Page Arizona

Hello, we had a DAY yesterday. Leave it to us to turn a 5 hr trip into a 13 hr day. We started the day headed to Cortez, Colorado and went to visit the Sunset Crater Volcano --very cool National Park. Then we drove through the park to Wupatki National Park and visited adobe remains from Hopi Indians that lived in the area 800 years ago. Saw some really beautiful vistas of the painted desert and drove through more Desert to Page, Arizona where Rich was a Park Ranger many, many years ago. We tried to blog from the car all day but couldn't get a good signal at all. We did notice that the Sedona pictures made it to the blog when we logged on today...hope you liked those. Will post some Chapel on the Hill pictures shortly. Back to yesterday's adventure....when we got to Page, Arizona, we were already behind schedule... LOL.. imagine a clown car emptying EVERY SINGLE time you stop anywhere.... that is what happened yesterday. We had about 300 Miles to go on our 360 mile drive at 3:00pm in the afternoon, on a day that started at 8:30am. We raced from Page, Arizona on a one lane desert highway trying to get to the Four Corners before the park closed. Tricia and Rich made it before the other cars and bribed the gate guard to stay open for the rest of the crew. The were very nice to let us sneak in and take pictures on the Four Corners Monument (Pictures to come). On the way, the stragglers, Bob and Tom, thought that a tire on Tom's trailer had blown but when we pulled over to look we couldn't see any damage so we raced to Four Corners. It was when we headed out of Four Corners, with 2 hours left to drive at 8pm in the afternoon, we noticed that there was indeed tire damage on Tom's Trailer... our first clue? the rubber pieces flying off the tire at Pixie's car.... so, at sunset in the middle of the desert on the side of two lane highway we pulled over to change the tire. And yep, you guessed it...the spare was flat.. we were able to fix that thanks to "MacGyver" Rich, who had a battery operated air compressor. So, let's change the tire and go, right? Wrong.... had some lug nuts that were stripped and we couldn't change the tire, so we limped, and limped into Cortez, Colorado. Arriving at about 10PM to the nearest truck stop we could find. They managed to get the spare tire changed on the camper (thanks to an idea from Dad's heavenly spoon thump to the back of Bob's the head) but only had two lugs on the tire from that point on. Beer were raised in Dad's honor as we headed out and looked for a hotel for the night, but there were no vacancies anywhere so we headed to our campground and arrived about Midnight. So, yep... LONG LONG day. Today, part of the group, went to Mesa Verde, Tom and Terri went to get the Cafixed and Grandma and some others stayed and just chilled after the long day. Tomorrow we head to Alamosa, Colorado, a 250 mile drive and that ought to take only about 14hrs...LOL...

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Slide Rock State Park and Sedona

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We spent the day in Downtown Sedona -- OMG 2012 it is HOT! 95 degrees and DRY. The Sedona drive was beautiful and we will post pictures a bit later when we get back to camp. But here is a taste:
Drive to Sedona

Drive to Sedona

The kids and the Tricia, Terri, and Kim had great fun at Slide Rock State Park...natural waters slides in 40 degree water temperatures. Pixie and her dislocated thumb stayed away from the danger of slippery, wet, Rocks! And Megan, ever the showgirl...decided to show all of the tourists how to do a "BellyFlop"... we left a great impression on the Slide Rock State Park...LOL...We have video and will try to post that later. We are headed to Chapel of the Holy Cross, built into the red rocks and then back to camp.

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Grand Canyon Day

Beautiful day at the Grand Canyon

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Good evening all.. we are back at the Trailside RV park in Williams, AZ after a great day at the Grand Canyon. The best part of the day is we returned to camp with everyone we took to the Grand Canyon and if you could see the ledges, you would know that is a major feat with two 8 year olds and teenagers!!!!! There are really no words to describe the Grand Canyon, except that God knew what he/she was doing when that beautiful hole in the ground was being carved. Grandma was a gem on the trip and even got her very own visitors pass to the shuttle restricted areas! Go Grandma-- that made the whole day a ton easier because we could get her scooter to all of the places that we wanted to go. Back at the camp the kids are at the camp movie and the adults are relaxing and enjoying the evening. We are going to try to upload a ton of pictures-- so enjoy. We are off to Sedona tomorrow and to the Volcanic Crater.

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Seriously...Still nothing but DESERT!

Been on the road since 8:00am Pacific time...and yes....still driving!

sunny 83 °F
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Don't believe us... take a look at these... NOTHING BUT DESERT!



There are only so many things that you can pick for "Eye Spy" in the Desert..Lord Have Mercy! Anyone "spy" a beer truck?

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Nothing but Desert

Still Driving to Flagstaff

sunny 87 °F
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We are still driving to Flagstaff, we passed through 29 Palms California and there is nothing but desert! There are more pictures updated for you to view. Some from the USS Midway and some from the S. Carlsbad Campground.

While we were on the Hornblower San Diego Bay Cruise we got a special treat --- we got to see Nuclear Attack Submarine coming into port at Coronado's Submarine Base. Usually, they only come to the mouth of the harbor to change crew-- but this one was finishing a deployment and was coming all the way into the base. There were military security, Coast Card and tug boats all around it. Was very cool. We will try to find some pictures of that and post. No pictures of that in the Happy Car---which is the blog car :)

Today we drove through Joshua Tree National Forrest area... everyone was wondering what those trees were, we guessed cactus, yuccas and miniature palm trees... we got on the radio and asked Charlie if knew..and sure enough, we got --- "Those are Joshua Trees and sometimes Camels eat them".... Thank you Charlie... LOL

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Back on the Road

Heading to Flagstaff

sunny 92 °F
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We left Casa De McAdoo this morning... not a moment too soon..the neighborhood association sent a letter about the "transient housing units" parked outside of their home...LOL... We are headed to Flagstaff today and have updated the photo gallery. Take a look at the new pictures and see if you can isolate the reason for the lost iPhones! :)....LOL... we have pictures from the USS Midway too and will post those as the battery power permits in the car today.

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Casa de McAdoo

June 5-9,2012

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Well hello!....we managed to book ourselves into a State Park without electricity! LOL so from 6/5 to 6/8 we couldn't update the blog because we had no power! LOL...the campground was beautiful and on the water. We met up with Pixie, Megan and Maria on Tuesday evening for Pixie's convention's closing night event and had a great time listening to Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Herman's Hermits with Peter Noonan and Paul Revere and the Raiders. Pixie's worlds collided as the "Clampett's Met IASA"... on Wednesday we spent the day at the campground and on the water. Thursday we picked up the girls and spent the day touring downtown San Diego. We went to the USS Midway Museum, what a great experience. We also took a relaxing two hour harbor cruise of San Diego Bay. From there we headed to the Del Coronado hotel for a sunset drinks... we managed to lose two iPhones to the Pacific Ocean and came away with one dislocated thumb. (Alcohol had EVERYTHING to do with that--Kim started it!).... We have been relaxing at Casa de McAdoo for the last two days and having a great time with Paula and her family. Bob, Rich, Pixie and Grandma are home today, while Sandy and Alex are at a baseball tournament and the rest of the crowed headed to the Labrea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. Tomorrow we take Mike to the Airport :( and head to Flagstaff. Once we the LA crew gets home today, we will post some pictures from the last few days... Hopefully all the campgrounds going forward have electricity LOL...and we can charge our many, many, many (well two less) electronic devices --- Every plug in Paula's house has some type of electronic device charging from it..quite humorous. Until later.... OMG 2012 Tour is alive and well.

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Day 4 Left Flagstaff, AZ and headed to Barstow, CA

sunny 100 °F
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The campground in Flagstaff was perfect-it was clean, close to the bathrooms, perfect weather, and a full moon to enjoy the night sky by. We got in later than we thought so we ordered Pizza Hut-easy and mmm mmm good! Rich went for his run this morning and Tricia and Kim went for their walk. We are staying in Flagstaff for 3 days on our way back and we are looking forward to it because it was a cute little town with shops, coffee houses and a train which goes to the Grand Canyon there. It wouldn't be a McKeon vacation if something didn't happen and Rich had his car started and then about 5 minutes later...it just died. He put it on the battery charger and all was good...we are all soo connected it's not surprising that we all haven't had dead batteries. The drive was beautiful today and shortly after we started down the highway, Rich and Bob, both hit a 4x4 in the middle of the highway, but all was good-no damage. We stopped right before the desert and had lunch in a little park that was perfect in the shade...temp was 100 degrees but no humidity! Along the way today Charlie and Hayden kept us looking at the mountains and pointing out dirt devils...whirls of dirt in the desert. Later, Aunt Kim had everyone playing I SPY, which was challanging because everything in the desert is either brown or green. We made it to Barstow, CA around 5 and had camp set up by 5:30. Dinner was spaghetti and salad. Charlie and Hayden swam in the pool for a bit. It's very windy here-gusts up to 30 mph. It's late now and I will finish uploading the rest of the pictures tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will be in Carslbad, Ca. We will be meeting up with Pixie, Megan and Maria!!!

Till then...

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Day 3-Sunday morning

sunny 86 °F
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Everyone slept well-it was a cool night and just a little chill in the camper this morning but once we got up and moving, everyething was all good. Rich is dedicated to his running-he is the only one that got his exercise in this morning and to come back to find a flat tire on his camper :( Aunt Tricia and Aunt Kim are getting our walks in at the Painted Desert and Charlie and Hayden are going to join us. We left the campground by 8:30 and headed up The Sandia Mountain-specifically The Sandia Crest. It was 10, 626 feet! It was worth the trip up there...it was a little overcast from fires..not sure if they were north or south of us but we could see for Albuquerque and lots and lots of beautiful mountains and rocks. We are now on our way to Flagstaff AZ.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday and until this evening... I will try to keep posting pictures. We have uploaded them several times but they are not showing up :(

P.S. We heard from Mike-he is at the lake today with Caitlin-enjoying some sun and fishing. Maria enjoyed her dinner out last night with Aunt Pixie and Megan.

P.P.S. Pixie-the steering wheel is still good!

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2nd day/night

overcast 90 °F
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We had a fun day-we went through Texas and New Mexico. We stopped at Russell's Cafe-somewhere in New Mexico. There was a Route 66 Diner-great Salsa and fresh chips, a cool car museum. Today we saw lots of cattle, a few oil drills, antelope, lots of open land for miles and miles and also a few mountains in the distance. We got to the campground about 7 and got set up and had a great dinner of baked potatoe, salad and smoked pulled pork. We have a cool breeze, campers all have the windows open, full moon and the sound of the crickets and in the distance I can see some red hot chili pepper neon garden lights-Pixie would be impressed! Tomorrow we get to see the petrified forest.

Night everyone and til tomorrow...

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