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!st Night

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We had into some rain and the weather forecast was predicting storms-and after 13 hours of driving we really didn't need anyone to twist our arm so we ended up at the Hilton in Clinton OK. We opted for dinner at the Montana Mike's Steakhouse and had a relaxing evening...service was slow but we are on vacation...only concern was the diabetics needed to eat...it was close to 9 before we got our food. Everyone slept well...Grandma says she didn't but Tricia said she heard her snoring when she rolled over :). Tricia and Kim went for a 4 mile walk this morning and Rich went for his run...it was a beautiful morning for some exercise. Rich walked out to a dead car battery-we forgot to unplug the refrigerator in his car last night (Tommy had to make a trip to pick up jumper cables...everyone says Grandpa would have never left home without them...on Uncle Rich's defence-he did bring some sort of jumper...it just didn't work. After breakfast we went to a Route 66 museum and had a family photo opportunity. It's 9:30 and we are back on the road again...Tonight's stop is Cedar Crest, NM

P.S. We heard from Mike several times yesterday-checking in on us. He only has 2 more shifts to work and he will joining us next Thursday morning. We heard from Pixie, Megan and Maria last night...they were having a great time while Maria was the designated driver (of the golf cart!)

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Pray for the people of joplin mo. It still takes ur breath away one year later









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Stop in Joplin MO

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We stopped to gas up and found ourselves looking and sill amazed at the destruction from just over a year ago. AJ recently did some volunteer work in Joplin and gave us a tour of the main area in which we found the park that had been reconstructed by one of the TV shows and we found the water fountain-which the top layer of the fountain has 5 spouts coming down to represent May, the second layer has 21 spouts to represent the 21st day and then 11 spouts on the 3rd layer to represent 2011-all which pour into a pool to hold all the prayers and kindness that that has been shown by the to help support the recovery of such a great loss to Joplin in the USA. We on continued on looking for more historical spots along the old Route 66 but we weren't too successful except that Aunt Tricia found her retirement house/land right on the MO/KS boarder...Hayden wants to live with her too! Next stop will be lunch....

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Breakfast-first real stop! NOT

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We blessed the McDonalds in Springfield with our presence for a quick 20 min breakfast/drink refill break! We definately filled the room with joy and conversation! Bob and Tricia could not find the water tab on the fountain but all is good because the steering wheel is working just fine! Clouds are rolling in and Mike called to check on us...he can't wait to meet up with us next Thursday!Pix, Megan and Maria should be up and moving around by now and we are looking forward to hearing from them soon! Til the next stop! Oh, and we did have one really quck stop that Aunt Kim swears sbe saw this building somewhere in the Cars movie!

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First Morning!

sunny 50 °F

Everyone was on time! We met at the gas staton...took us an eighth of a tank to go 20 miles! We left the gas station at 6..everyone had to get something to eat...Aunt Kim did not get Donut King donuts as she thought she would and 60 miles later we stopped for a quick tire pressure check...we are all definately OVERLOADED. Life is good and we are all excited to see the sites of Route 66. Perfect weather..sun is out and the temperature is a cool 50 in the Happy Car.

Til the next stop...

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Here we go!

Getting started


Hi everyone! Join us on this fun filled adventure across country on Route 66! Our trip begins June 1st at 4:30 am. Hopefully we are all morning people :)

Here is a overview of our trip

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